Section:Stakeholders Engagement and Public Awareness


1) Review, update and implement communication strategy

2) Prepare stakeholders engagement plan

3) Establishment of water resources management institutions below the basin water board

4) Cross cutting issues (Gender, HIV/AIDS, Non communicable disease, Disabled)


1) Identification and analysis of stakeholders within the basin

2) Community/stakeholder mobilization and empowerment for integrated and sustainable water resources management

3) Review, update and implement communication strategy

 4) Preparation and implementation of stakeholder’s engagement plan

 5) Monitoring and evaluation of stakeholders engagement plan

6) Formation and strengthening of water governance institution (WUA, CWC, Sub CWC).

7) Production and dissemination of various information products on sustainable water resources management

8) To carry out public relations and enhance LVBWB visibility

9) Design and implement gender mainstreaming programs and raise awareness on combating HIV/AIDS

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