Section:Planning,Research,Transboundary and Project Coordination


1) Preparation and implementation of Integrated Water Resources Management and Development Plan.


1) Prepare, review and update Integrated Water Resources Management and Development Plan (IWRMP)

2) Conduct studies on groundwater potential and availability in Lake Victoria Basin (LVB)

3) Carry out studies to identify priority area for water resources conservation and protect such wetlands

 4) Create platform, participate and share information on trans-boundary water resources between riparian countries.

 5) Provide custodianship of the various protocols and international laws on transboundary resources.

6) Conduct studies in mining sites to assess pollution impact on groundwater and surface water resources.

7) Conduct bathymetric studies in lakes

8) Preparation of annual reports to show case the performance of the board

9) Conduct research on new technologies to improve boards’ performance

10) Coordinate, implement activities on environmental flow assessments and water bodies’ classifications

11) Coordinate projects being implemented in the basin.

12) Monitor and evaluate implementation of basin activities.

13) Coordinate fund raising across section

(14) Analyze Boards budget trends and provide advice on ways to improve

(15)     Management of Data bank and process data /information dissemination process

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