Basin Multi-Sectoral Forum

Workshop Concept Note

1.      Background Information

The Multi-Sectoral Forums comes at a time where Tanzania has gathered more than quarter a century of experience in managing its water resources following IWRM principles. With hydrologic boundaries as units of jurisdictions, the country was then divided into nine lake and river basins including Lake Victoria Basin Water Board established in year 2000 under Water Utilization (Control and Regulation) Act number 42 of 1974 which has been repealed and replaced by Water Resources Management Act No 11 of 2009.

The forum in question, is an initiative to establish a robust and formal way of engaging stakeholders in their numbers and feed the Basin Water Board which is a statutory body entitled with executive powers on managing water resources in the basin. This is as per the aspiration of the National Water Policy of 2002 (NAWAPO) and subsequent legislation which sets out and guides future direction for the Water Sector and achievement of sustainable development and management goals. The policy advocates devolution of responsibility for water resources management to River/Lake Basin Water Boards, Catchments/Sub-Catchment Committees and Water Users Associations with active participation of multi sectoral partners.

1.1.      Sectoral, Water Use Context and Rationale

Often, multiple sectors, involving many institutions, perform numerous conflicting, complementary, or overlapping functions in the river basins and catchments. The various water user groups in catchments, like irrigation, industry, fishing, water supply, hydropower generation, recreation, forestry the environment and local communities, all claim to manage the water resource albeit in a manner suited to their own needs. The many uses of water and the many types of users and managers implies that water resources management involves a wide array of decisions and actors whose actions, if not properly coordinated, can only result into conflicts which negatively affect the same sectors and other users and the services they intend to provide. This entails that sound decisions need to be jointly made that maximize desirable outcomes, minimize undesirable consequences and lead to sustainable outcomes in order to eliminate conflicts and sustainably provide the intended services. This is what the Integrated Water Resource Management and Development (IWRMD) practices seek to achieve and is the main focus of such Basin and National Multi Sectoral Forum.

1.      Forum Objectives

1.1.      General Objective

The general objective of the forum is engagement of stakeholders from multiple sector to guide in management of Water Resources in the Basin.

1.2.      Specific Objectives

  1. To feedback stakeholders on basin plans and recent stakeholders scoping mission,
  2. To deliberate and prioritise plans and existing opportunities from stakeholders’ initiatives,
  • To agree on forum structure and leadership,

2.      Expected Outputs/Outcomes

  1. Stakeholders awareness raised on basin plans and existing stakeholders water stewardship initiative as a basis to converge resources going forward,
  2. Agreed list of priority thematic working group born out of basin plans and stakeholders’ initiatives,
  3. Agreed structure and election on forum leadership (including its working group members).

3.      The Structure and Leadership of the Basin Forum

The Basin Forum will be composed of the Main Forum and Working Groups. The number of Working Groups will be decided by the Forum based on water risk priority areas of the Basin. The leadership of the Forum will be rotational among the water related sectors, private sector and other institutions/organisations active in the Basin. The BWB will provide secretarial services. The duration of leadership will be 3 years after which new leaders will be selected.

  • A Chairperson (Basin Chair with elected co-chair from private sector)
  • Secretariat (BWB management staff)

The Basin Forums will be subdivided into Working Groups according to water risk priority sectors/areas in each Basin. Each Working Group will be composed of a leadership which will be rotational among the water related sectors, private sector and other institutions/organisations active in the Basin. The BWBs will provide secretarial services. The duration of leadership will be 3 years after which new leaders will be selected.

  • A Chairperson (Basin Chair with elected co-chair from private sector)
  • Secretariat (BWB management staff)

For consistency and continuity, Basin Forum membership, will be perpetual until the dissolution or end of service or at discretion of the Authority of Sector where the member is coming from.

4.      Basin Forum Roles and Functions

4.1.      Basin Forum roles

The Basin Forum is envisaged to include all water resources stakeholders. The Forum shall be a multi-disciplinary platform that will discuss and deliberate on integrated water resources management and development issues involving wide stakeholder interests, water-related institutions and sectors. The Forum is perceived as a way of advising in how to manage increasing degrees of complexity, diversity and dynamics of perceptions, arguments, multitude of overlooked aspects and it is hoped to embrace more integrated and sustainable outcomes in water resources management. From a functionalist perspective, Forum is perceived as problem-solving platform to democratize water management, to manage conflict and to make water management more efficient.

5.2. Basin Forum Functions

BASIN FORUM is expected to be responsible for the following activities, among others:

  1. advise BWB on the planning, management, utilization, development, protection and conservation of the water resources of the respective basins as well as on the role and position of the Public with regard to such activities and the possible impact thereof on social and environment;
  1. To deliberate and take part in planning and addressing issues and challenges on Water Resources Management
  2. To promote coordination of implementation of activities of water users
  3. To promote coordination and participation of community in use, protection, development and conservation of water resources
  1. The FORUM shall advise on water sector programmes and related developments, which would otherwise influence or be influenced by other sectors development plans and advise on ways for harmonization of the same;
  2. To advise and promote protection and conservation of water resources
  1. To promote participation of Private Sector, Community Based Organisations, Civil Society Organisations, NGOs and other interested groups in protection and management of water resources in the Basin
  2. To deliberate and forge conflict resolution, negotiation, social learning and collective decision-making towards effective Water Resources Management
  3. To share data/information, knowledge exchange, knowledge building and dissemination


5.      Meetings, Reporting and Procedures

The Basin Forum will meet on semi-annually basis and deliberations of the meeting will feed to the BWO and the National FORUM. The Working Groups will meet on quarterly basis and report to the Basin Forum on a semi-annual basis.

After each meeting the BWB shall circulate the minutes of the meeting to all members for concurrence and/or correction before the same are signed by the Chairperson and the Secretary within 7 days of the meeting. The Chairperson may, on request of the members or interested parties like the BWB, convene special meetings of the Forum or Working Groups at any time.

6.      Forum Program

Click the link below to view forum program

LVBWB_MSP Program_Feb 2019

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